Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Hey lovelies,

I took a long sabbatical from blogging and completely deactivated my blog because I didn’t feel motivated. I felt like I was working so hard but wasn’t reaping the benefits of my hard work so for the most part I lost interest. It started off as me just wanting a short break until a short break became a couple of months and then I didn’t feel like coming back. During my sabbatical though, I had moments to think about why I started the blog originally and how I intend to achieve those goals. During my sabbatical, I had a lot of different experiences. I travelled to Nigeria! I hadn’t been to Nigeria in around 9 years before this June. I was so blessed to attend my cousin’s wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. They are such a lovely and beautiful couple; they almost bring me to tears! Good tears, of course. It was such a wonderful experience and I spent time with the bridal train, I was on the bridal train by the way. They were all such lovely people. It was amazing to meet such great people who were so full of love! Shortly after, I travelled to New York. Can’t really say too much about why I was there. Sworn to secrecy but what I can say though is that lunch at Cheesecake factory was delicious. Anyway, I also had the opportunity to visit Canada. I had so much fun in Canada. I have my fam and a lot of friends in Canada so I had such an amazing time. I went to Canada Wonderland. It was no Thorpe park but it was a good time. I honestly didn’t want to come back. I wanted to risk it all and stay in Canada but I had to go back to London. I have been feeling the travel bug lately so I recently went to the Netherlands. I actually went sightseeing and have details of my trip here. Anyway, now that I’m back, I’m ready to work!

What I learnt during my sabbatical
1. We all need an outlet – Regardless of your interests and work commitments, we all need an outlet to voice our opinions and to chill out. My sabbatical didn’t give me the platform to talk about a lot of things so I’m glad to be back. There’s only so much venting a person can do, sometimes it’s easier to put a pen to paper.

2. I have more clarity about what I want to do with the blog and the direction I want the blog to take!



2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. I was clicking around your website thinking where did all the posts go?!! Lol now I see your explanation. Looing forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next. You look as beautiful as ever. 😉 x x x

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