The Essential White Dress

The Essential White Dress

Happy New Year! 

I hope this year turns out to be everything you want it to be and more. I have a spent a good chunk of the New Year on holiday in Lagos but now that I’m back, I’m ready to create content.

What are you hoping to achieve this year? I want to encourage you to remember that there are no limits to what you can achieve. Nothing is impossible. The question is how badly do you want it. With that being said, let’s get into this beautiful dress.

So today’s post is about how everyone on this earth needs a beautiful white dress! Seriously, I mean it. I was never a fan of wearing white but decided to buy this white dress because I fell in love with the beautiful sleeves. I’m considering incorporating more white dresses into my wardrobe and I think you should too. You will thank me later:)

This beautiful dress is from boohoo. I love how flattering and effortlessly stunning it is!

Would you ever wear this dress?

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