Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Hey lovelies,

Are you excited for the week ahead? I have a busy week ahead but I’m ready for it!! Well at least I think so:)   Anyway, so I went to sky garden last weekend and it was an amazing experience.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful. One thing I hated though was that it was very busy so the queues to get in and out of the garden were so long but asides that, it was a good experience. The views were breathtakingly beautiful; you could see prominent places in London. It had such a good view of London.

When my friend invited me to go to sky garden with her, I didn’t know what to expect or what to wear. I decided to choose an outfit that was warm but also very stylish. I wore the thigh-high boots as they were very comfy, stylish and warm. My long khaki coat was the highlight of the day because despite it not being very thick, it helped cover the space between my thighs and the thigh-high boots  lol. I enjoyed every bit of it, especially as there were so many cool spots to take pictures and it was just a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon. There are also some restaurants in the garden but I didn’t try them. I was just too happy to enjoy the views and take pictures:) If you are ever thinking of what to do in London, check out sky garden 

Outfit Details

Top & Skirt : LOTD

Thigh-high boots: JustFab

Bag: Everything5Pounds

Jacket: Primark

Have you ever been to Sky Garden? Would you rock this outfit? Let me know in the comments section below.

See you next Sunday x


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