Print Jumpsuit

Print Jumpsuit

Hello lovelies,

Today’s post is all about my latest addition to my collection of jumpsuits. I’ve always loved jumpsuits but never used to buy them as I was always so worried they wouldn’t fit well. Honestly, I still feel that way sometimes, despite owning a good collection of jumpsuits. Every time I buy a jumpsuit, I see it as me taking a “leap of faith”. There’s the excitement of not knowing whether it would fit my body perfectly.

Through various purchases of jumpsuits in the last year, I’ve noticed that the following brands are really true to size and their jumpsuits fit very well on me. I do not like being described as pear shaped but my body-type is “pear shaped” – smaller at the top and wider hips.


Favorite brands to buy jumpsuits:


Pretty Little Thing


Today’s jumpsuit is from Forever21. If you haven’t seen my latest lookbook on my youtube channel, please ¬†click here

See you next week:)


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