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Hey lovelies,

So the highlight of my week was attending the “Perfect Liars Show” in London. If you are ever thinking of something interesting to do, find out if there’s a show near you.

Here’s how it works. Four people tell crazy, outrageous  and shocking stories about an incident that happened in their lives. Three of the people would be telling stories that are true whilst one would be telling a lie. Your task is to guess who’s lying!

At the last show, the first person talked about being poisoned by the fangs of rattle snake, which was on a bag in a shop in Camden.  He said he spent 9 days in hospital.

The second one talked about how he pretended to be a journalist and went to hang out with a famous band. He got invited to their house and then confessed to lying about being a journalist. The band were angry & tried to kick him out. He begged to use the toilet before leaving. They gave him directions to what was an “airing cupboard”. He heard laughter in the background and used the cupboard as a toilet lol.

The third person talked about how she was in Afghanistan with bombs and bullets flying around. She was with a team of people and together they barricaded a door only to discover that the door opened the other way round so the barricade was useless.  She talked about how a piece of string was used to keep the door from opening in the usual way. Doesn’t that sound like a scene from a movie?

The last person told us about how he and his friends were running around naked in a golf course and were being chased by security! He talked about how he ended up on the news as the police were actively looking for them. He said he had to hide in the attic for months!

Can you guess which one was the lie? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section:)

If you would like to find out more about this event, go to Perfect Liars Club . The next event is in March so come along, if you can.  If the event is sold-out online, show up earlier and pay £10 at the door.



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