Birthday Chronicles: A review of Caramel restaurant and an overview of my birthday experience

Birthday Chronicles: A review of Caramel restaurant and an overview of my birthday experience


It was my birthday on the 15th of September. For me, it was an opportunity to reflect on how I had spent my year. It was the perfect opportunity to dress up and try out a new restaurant I had never been to before. I had heard great things about Caramel restaurant from a trusted friend of mine. You know when you have that friend who you both share a massive love for good food so I knew wherever she recommended would be perfect.

My thoughts on Caramel Restaurant


The restaurant has such a nice and classy feel. There were beautiful and artistic frames all over the restaurant floor. I walked in and I immediately felt at peace. My friends and I were sitting at a long table, however opposite our table were little pods I thought were so cute. I think they would be perfect for love-birds on a date:) Their toilets were very clean and the decor was all black which made the toilet look very classy. Everyone had their own mini toilet which had a wash basin and towels. The staff were very pleasant as well so that’s a plus. For someone who likes lovely bars, this is the restaurant for you, their bar is just absolutely lovely.

Starters – “Let’s share and Sliders”

  1. They have such an amazing starter menu.  This comprises of “Let’s share” and “Sliders”. We had Shawarma, Lamb bites, Dynamite Roll, Short Rib Slider, Lamb Cutlets and the famous TNT Shrimp. Everyone on the table enjoyed their starters so they’ve come highly recommended. We were 15 in attendance and everyone loved all the starters so they must be doing something right.
  2. If you are ever in Caramel Restaurant, please try the TNT ShrimpI ordered multiple portions of this and didn’t bother ordering any food from the main menu. It was nice, soft and well seasoned. It had a good mixture of lettuce and a little mayonnaise which worked very well with the taste of the Shrimp. I should mention that about 13 people tried the Shrimp and absolutely loved it. If you don’t like it then you are probably the exception to the general rule.
TNT Shrimp


  1. I personally didn’t order anything from the main menu but I kept my eyes on all my friends who ordered from the main menu. A friend of mine ordered the Truffled Penne Pasta and absolutely hated it. I had a bite of her pasta and I didn’t like it very much so I would say the pasta is definitely not their strength or maybe it is an acquired taste. If you’ve tried their pasta and don’t agree with my thoughts, let me know in the comments section.
  2. Some of my friends ordered Lime Chicken and Crab Linguini, which they didn’t like very much. They only thought it was just alright.


  1. They have a great wine menu. I ordered a bottle of  “Montepulciano” wine which is an Italian wine. It was lovely – sweet, crispy and dry.
  2. They also had a wide range of cocktails which some of my friends ordered. I tried the “All over the place” cocktail which was made from hennessy, plantation rum, marashino, honey syrup and lime. I have no idea what plantation rum is but the cocktail was very nice. It was a perfect combination of sweet and tangy. My other friends ordered “the Passionate”, “Pink Sweetheart”, “Queen of Spade” and “The Palm” and I’m pleased to confirm that there were no complaints whatsoever.

Therefore, I would rate Caramel restaurant an 8 out of 10 because everything was amazing – the decor, the starters, cocktails, the staff. To find out more details about this restaurant, check out their website here

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