Are you playing it safe?

Hey lovelies,

Happy New Year!  The idea of playing it safe has been on my mind lately. 

It was taught and repeated until it became second nature to me. I’ve been working on breaking that mindset. I’m not suggesting completely throwing caution to the wind but I think it’s time to make bold choices and stop playing it safe. Think about successful people, they don’t play it safe. They risk everything to achieve their goals. They make decisions people think are crazy! It pays off though, doesn’t it? Successful people make bold decisions. To be successful in life, you have to stop focusing on playing it safe and take a leap of faith. Have faith in yourself. Sometimes you’ll make choices people think are crazy. People will think you are nuts when you tell them your plans but don’t let that deter you, keep pressing ahead!

I’d rather be known for being bold and fearless than for playing it safe!! What’s playing it safe going to get you? Take that leap of faith. Believe in yourself!!!

Anyway, today’s outfit is in keeping with the theme of being bold and fearless. I love wearing colorful outfits however, I was a little skeptical about pairing my yellow off-shoulder top with green pants. I decided to take a page out of my own book & I fearlessly rocked it to a social event.  What do you think about this outfit? Would you rock this outfit ? Let me know in the comments section.


Outfit Details

Top: Missyempire 

Pants: Femme Luxe 

Heels: New Look 

Neckpiece: Shop Verano

One thought on “Are you playing it safe?

  1. Wow I gotta tell u that your bum looks REALLY nice in those trousers and you look really sexy in that top too. 😉 I like the colours you chose, you look so classy and your shoulders are gorgeous. x x x

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